Another Day

It’s now been 73 days since our breakup. It’s been 73 days since I sat on a plane back to Houston and cried my heart out with strangers around me. It’s been 73 days since it felt like my heart got ripped out of my chest. Our break up was a cowards way out for you. Our relationship was the biggest joke that I fell for. I put so much of myself into you, into the relationship, trying to help heal you, and trying to just be there for you. I can go on and on about how miserable I’ve been the last 73 days, but when you think about it I’ve been miserable since the day we met. For the last 446 days… I’ve been miserable. I take that back… for the last 443 days I’ve been miserable. About 3 days ago, I woke up and my heart didn’t ache. I didn’t long for you in every waking moment, I didn’t have the urge to call you, and I finally realized how I’m so much better off without you. I always knew I’d be better off without you. I still remember the day I met you, I couldn’t get enough of you, but something inside of me knew I should run. I guess I understand why girls are attracted to the “bad boys.” What I don’t understand is why they keep wanting bad boy after bad boy. One was enough for me and I’ve learned my lesson. All I could do was take everything a day at a time. So about 3 days ago is when I started to get my life back and as ironic as it is, it was also the start of a new year. 2021 wont be my year… but it will be a good year. It’s gonna be a great year. A year of finding myself, finding new places, finding new loves, and finding new experiences. And what makes all of these new things great….. ? I won’t have to worry or stress about you. So here’s to the new year and heres to me.